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Welcome to God Girl Nation

We believe that remarkable things can happen when women gather together to encourage and support each other. Throughout scripture, God reminds us that we are created for community and encourages us to unite as one for the sake of the Gospel. We want to lock arms with you and provide you with the tools, inspiration, and connection you need to serve God with boundless energy and purpose.

When you join us you get access to:

  • Resources for serving and/or leading in ministry
  • The GGN VIP private Facebook group
  • Special discounts on GGN gear and resources
  • GGN event meet and greets with featured speakers, artists, and authors
  • Community with others serving and leading in ministry

Why join the movement?

Leading and serving in ministry can sometimes be isolating so we need a place to connect with each other to be encouraged, share ideas, and build genuine relationships. God Girl Nation will provide the resources and opportunities for community so that you can walk confidently in your purpose while focusing on what matters most...leading people to Jesus.

Let's link arms and do this


Has God put a desire in your heart you don't know how to pursue?

We want to help you!

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